What can I do to avoid a head lice (re) infestation?

Parents who regularly comb and check their children’s hair are ideally placed to spot head lice. This helps to keep the rest of the family free from infestation. If a louse is found, check the rest of the family and use a treatment product at the same time if necessary.

Paranix has developed a Head Lice Protection Range that can also help protect you and your family by preventing a head lice (re)infestation. Some additional tips to protect your family:

  • Ask your children not to share clothing such as scarves or caps with friends.
  • Tie up or braid long hair.
  • Wear a swimming cap in the swimming pool.
  • Disinfect the area and wash bedding and personal items (scarves, caps…) at 60°C.
  • Vacuum the house and car, and then throw away the bag.